HERBERT, whose sign as a Taurus makes him highly excitable, is retired from a long career (that he's often quite frank about prize breeding bull ), and has become a loyal husband and homebody. He loves his wife Elaine and is proud of his new job as the Chief Milker at the Mooler Dairy. Everything would be, to keep the simile, just Peaches-n-cream, if he didn't have this little problem with the color red. Like any bull, when he sees it, he goes berserk.

is divorced and lives in the house next to Herbert's and Elaine's. Godfrey is a perfectionist and a model of correctness. "Two pencils of inequal length are to me the beginning of Chaos." He is a factory inspecter, and as a hard-working man of the soil, he is always "on duty," and recording everything he sees in the little red ring-file he always carries with him. He is proud to be able to point to the most pristine lawn in the town -- that he's trimmed with his toe-nail clippers!

, pretty as a picture, and confident as a cow, lives with her husband Herbert in a smart ranch-style house. The former milkmaid is now a housewife, and occasionally models for country-style casual clothes. She's sociable, loves life, and flirts readily -- which regularly makes her husband Herbert go bananas with jealousy.

, a somewhat overweight, good-tempered cross-eyed street-mutt, has distanced himself from the rat race and rents a room in Godfrey's house. The confirmed bachelor is incomparably messy, and has a deep need for peace and quiet. He never ducks a chance to chat, and his interest in work is speculative at best. But despite all his weaknesses and oddities, he's a likeable kind of guy. A few people maintain that there's an air of wisdom about him -- but the people who know him just shake their heads and smile. .