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Buddy's just managed to reach the grand height of 5 '5". Perhaps that's why he works out so hard, and thinks of himself as a regular Bodybuilder. "What's missing in length, can be made up in the width," is Buddy's philosophy.

Mother Nature presented the twenty-eight-year-old man with such a remarkably foolish face, that you would be forgiven for thinking that this additional defect wouldn't make him any more attractive to the ladies. But it is often observed by the men who envy him -- with reason -- that despite his defects, very attractive young women offer their charms to him with astounding regularity. -- even though the relationship usually doesn't last long.

All the fitness training in the world can't keep this fast-food freak from developing a paunch that no one can ignore. And he wears lifts in his shoes. Buddy's body is anything but perfect.

Tirelessly on the trail of the ultimate turn-on, Buddy hits on anything female that will hold still long enough to let him. All this hard work
does pay off with a more or less amorous
adventure. However, it never goes really well for Buddy. His unpolished personality is far too inadequate for that.

His IQ is pretty wobbly, too. When Buddy gets seriously excited, his mind always draws a blank. His fantasy starts blowing bubbles, and it usually leads him into bizarre and embarassing complications. When he's in a "normal" condition (which, admittedly, doesn't happen often) he's no stupider than you or I.

Buddy thinks he's invincible. Only once in a while does he realize the tragic depth of life's realities. Then he suspects that not everything is a stupid coiincidence, and that he is really just a Loser.

We're all losers, sometimes, but nobody really likes losing. We all like to think that there are people in worse shape than us -- a "Buddy Potency," a special edition of our all-too-human species, who is now pitiful, now enviable, but always there to make us laugh.
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