"Norman's Cartoons" represents an author/illustrator team that has developed and produced a series of "home-grown" cartoon strips. Since l994, these have appeared regularly in German publications.

A stream of new and exciting ideas has led to the continuous appearance of new figures, new characters and new series.

Working closely together with publishing houses, we specialize in developing cartoons for specific publications and audiences. In other words, we tailor our cartoons for the specialized customer. If you work with cartoons and you'd like to know more about our potential and possibilities, just drop us an e-mail. We'll be happy to send you the information you require.

We will of course be more than pleased to receive feedback from those of you who simply have fun with and are interested in our cartoons.

Should you find a series here that you've seen before in a magazine or newspaper, about which you've always wanted to say something, or if you've got a question about some of the characters, just email us. We'll answer, and that's a guarantee! In addition, how about putting a word or two in our Visitors Book ?

Well, with this we'd like to wish you a lot of fun and happy browsing through our web pages.